• 25 years experience in luxury travel is very reassuring if you're looking for something special.
• genuinely personalised: caz+loyd put together itineraries based on in-depth discussion with their clients. No two trips are ever the same.

• global reach: in their quarter-century, they have built up on-the-ground knowledge and contacts in Africa and the Indian Ocean, Central and South America, Asia and the Middle East, Australasia and The Polar Regions.
• if you want a breathtaking and outrageously original celebration somewhere abroad, caz+loyd are one of the few travel companies who can deliver it.

• gold standard for those who've got the gold!

"Clients can rest assured they will be in the most discerning of hands."
FT How to Spend It
"I received the kind of invitation that makes your heart sing… all we were told was to turn up at Farnborough Airport on a certain Friday morning, passports in hand, where a privately commissioned plane would whisk us of on an adventure ..."
Pamela Goodman, Guest + Travel Editor of House & Garden
"cazenove+loyd organises flamboyantly fabulous custom-made shindigs around the globe… from theming the plane and flight attendants… to building a pop-up nightclub in the desert... even a round of tuk tuk racing ..."
Tatler Travel Guide
"The new way to party in style."
BA Highlife magazine
"Our trip through Egypt on the Steam Ship Sudan celebrating a special anniversary with a group of 46 family and friends, was an unforgettably wonderful experience."
Kit Braden, client
"An extraordinary finale to our party was dancing in full costume as part of a float in the Rio Carnival winners parade through the wild and throbbing Sambadrome - just amazing."
"There’s an event company out there with a difference that has tickled our imagination… their mission is to bring the unobtainable to you in party form – whatever the occasion, it doesn’t matter. Their know-how, contacts on the ground and refusal to pitch a marquee in the garden… stands them in good stead to make your celebration go with an almighty bang and leave you with a whole Instagram account of memories."
Country & Townhouse

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