Sharky & George

• Charlie and George know what makes children tick: fun, laughter, excitement. It’s in their bones.

• They’ve built a talented team of brilliant party managers.

• They do all kinds of games: classics like 40:40, treasure hunts, discos, movie-making, cooking, role-playing, sports … the whole kaboosh.

• They bring all the food, equipment, gadgets and props with them. Zero hassle for you!

•  Thousands have been to a Sharky & George party, but the company still exudes enthusiasm.

“The lads were brilliant Absolutely fantastic, everyone adored them – children, parents, adults!!!“
Katie Holmes
“It was so refreshing to go to a party where the kids ran around being silly and having fun!”
Annie Cunningham
“Their enthusiasm, energy and creativity were infectious and all the kids were engaged and had the most fantastic time.”
Alex Lipton
“The greatest thing ever! All 3 of the crew were pro-active, helpful and friendly from the very beginning.”
“By the end of the party, the giant cardboard pirate ship was a giant flattened cardboard mess which was a sure sign that fun was had by all!!”
Tammy Brennan
“Sharky and George are simply the best! Kids (and me!) love them.”
Bear Grylls

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