Wedding Present Company

• unrivalled connections with 350 brands, from big names to small artisans

• 2-floor showroom in the heart of Chelsea

• dedicated list adviser from start to finish – truly personal service

• excellent website – easy for guests as well as bride and groom

• generally, they make the whole thing a fun experience

“Our trips to the showroom were highlights of our wedding planning – everyone was incredibly helpful, professional and charming. I really appreciated their experience and advice.”
Claudia, bride
“A huge thank you for making our wedding list so easy. From our first meeting at the showroom to receiving our presents, everything has been extremely professional.”
Alex, groom
“Thank you for the fantastic personal service and the expert advice from your staff – who really know what they’re talking about!”
Alexandra, bride
“I’ve been to nearly thirty weddings in the last three years and found your website the best designed. Very clear, intuitive and simple to use.”
Nick, guest

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