Clips filmed by people at home, usually on a phone, uploaded to us, and edited into a video in 2 days.


everyone sings a line from a song

Choose a song

Allocate lines to guests

Guests film their clips and upload

We edit into a lip-sync movie

Excerpts from lip-sync home movies

Spoken Word

guest voices are heard on the video

Invite friends/family to film video clips

Edit yourself or ask us to do it

Add photos, background music and captions

Share the video

Excerpts from Spoken Word home movies

What makes our cards special is that you can add text, audio, photos and video clips to them, then email the combined 'card + extras' to as many people as you like via our system. When they open the card, your items play as a slideshow. Here's how it works:

Pick a card

Add items to the slideshow

Photos, videos, text, and audio clips

Decide who to send the card to

One person or lots - it's up to you

Pay and send!

Your first card is free!

After that, cards cost as
little as £1.00,
the price rising slowly
as you add items and
increase the number of recipients

We've filmed over 1,000 parties, weddings and other events since 2010. Below are some examples.

Wedding - Windsor

Windsor Wedding Crowd

Drawers full of photos?

Albums gathering dust?

VHS tapes, slides and cinefilm?

Let us digitise your family history, put it in a password-protected area online, and make it easy for you to access, share and use.
Loose photos and albums
Slides, negatives and film
Videotapes and cassettes

Online Advent calendars are a brilliant way to communicate with family and friends this Christmas. Why?

Because in each window, you can put photos, video clips and music.

Choose a design

from our library with different styles

Add windows, header and footer

Complete flexibility on wording, font, colours, size and opacity

Add contents behind the windows

Up to 10 pictures and videos per window

Add recipients

Names and emails of the people you want to send your calendar to


from just £27

One-click sending to your entire recipient list

They can open each window on the day, but not before

You can see who has opened the calendar