About Jenks&Co

Sisters Kitty and Daisy started filming weddings and parties in 2010.

Most people know us for our lip-sync videos: we choose a song with the host, circulate among guests at a wedding or party, ask them to sing a line from the song, then edit the clips together. Nothing is rehearsed, so the videos have a home-made feel to them. We have done over 1,000 of them, at all kinds of events, in 13 countries. If you want to know more, look here.

With Covid-19 at large, we have developed a way for people to create their own lip-sync videos. Even if they're hundreds of miles apart, they can co-ordinate Home Movies, then ask us to edit them into a finished film.

We've recently started a 'Features' section which profiles people who are doing interesting things for business, social good, their own pleasure or the sheer hell of it. From time to time, we send out an email Bulletin telling people about the latest interviews.

Daisy also runs Pistol Pinup, the Instagram account which celebrates entrepreneurial women.

We love to get feedback and hear new ideas, so please do get in contact.

Kitty and Daisy