About Jenks&Co

Sisters Daisy and Kitty Jenks started filming weddings and parties in 2010.

Lip-Sync videos

Most people know us for our lip-sync videos: we choose a song with our client, circulate among guests at a wedding or party, ask them to sing a line from the song, then edit the clips together. Nothing is rehearsed, so the videos have a home-made feel to them. We have done over 1,000 of them, at all kinds of events, all over the world. If you want to know more, look here.

Home Movies

When Covid hit, our clients had to cancel their 2020 events so our normal business was hit for six. We asked our IT friend Matt if he could develop a way for clients to create their own lip-sync videos and 3 weeks later, it was ready. Now, even if people are thousands of miles apart, they can use our site to co-ordinate a home movie, and ask us to edit it into a finished film.

We've now done over 1,000 of these home movies and people love them. Here's one of many unsolicited reviews: "Thank you so much. We showed your video to my husband tonight and he loved it. My father-in-law who is not an emotional man literally sobbed seeing all the photos at the end. What you are doing and the ease of the website is incredible - please let me know how I can write a review for you x".

'Spoken Word' movies

Some people who saw our home movies wondered if they could do the same thing but with their voices on the video instead of the music. They wanted members of their family scattered around the country to do selfie clips wishing happy birthday, and for us to piece them together into one video. The 'Spoken Word' version of home movies is up and running and has lots of neat features. It's designed as a DIY-editing product, but if you prefer us to edit the footage you gather, we can do that too.


Photolab is a service we set up in in late 2020. We digitise photos, DVDs, camcorder tapes, VHS tapes and all the other old formats on which memories are stored. If your cupboards, shelves and attic are full of this irreplaceable family history, act now before it's too late!

We love to get feedback and hear new ideas, so please do get in contact.

Daisy and Kitty