A 'Home Movie' is a video filmed by you, your family and friends, not by us. Our system makes it easy for you to organise the project and turn your clips into a brilliant movie. If you choose Lip-Sync we edit the clips (you can still add spoken clips and photos to it, by the way) If you choose Spoken Word, you edit the clips using our online tools - but if you prefer you can ask us to.

  Do all this on our system  

  • Compile guest list
  • Choose a song
  • Give lines to guests
  • Invite them to film their clips
  • Review the clips
  • Add your own photos
  • Ask us to edit the finished video
  • Share finished movie with guests
  • £175 + £18.11 for the music licence

  Or, if you don't want lip-sync, do this  

  • Compile guest list
  • Invite guests to film clips
  • Review clips
  • Add your own photos
  • Add a soundtrack
  • Edit yourself, completely free ...
  • ... or ask us to edit (cost varies)
  • £40 if you want to download the movie + £18.11 per music track used

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