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Daisy and Kitty's Videos

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Mainly parties and weddings, but also done hen parties, christenings, bar and bat mitzvahs, civil partnerships and corporate events.
We do not take bookings more than 7 months before the event date. If your event is longer away than that, you’re welcome to get in touch, but we won’t go firm on a booking til nearer the date for the simple reason that we don’t always know where we’ll be in a year’s time.
Yes, we’ve done videos for clients all over Europe, Asia and the Americas. We love filming in all kinds of cultures and surroundings and have found that the appeal of a lip-synched music video is universal.
Most of our clients deal directly with us but we’re also happy to work with your party planner (and can recommend some very good ones if you’re looking).
We ask that you email us first, because most days we are busy working with clients and it’s not good to have our phones going off in the middle of a job! Of course, after that we can speak by phone.
It depends on the type of event, the number of guests, whether it’s on a weekday or weekend, the location etc … The ballpark figures for 2019 are: £1,500 for a party (21st, 50th etc) and £2,500 for a wedding. Shorter, weekday evening events are less expensive. Longer events over several days, or events taking place abroad are more.
Travel and accommodation (if required) are extras. We charge train tickets, air fares and taxis at cost. As far as accommodation is concerned, we will usually try to get back to London after an event, but sometimes need to stay in a local hotel or, if you have any spare room, with you or your friends.
No, we are below the VAT threshold so do not have to charge you VAT.
We ask for a 25% deposit on booking and for the balance to be paid within 7 days of the film being delivered to you.
The best way is bank transfer, but you can also pay by cheque. We will provide both an invoice and a receipt for payments.
You do. But if you’re not sure, we can make suggestions. It’s important to choose a song which guests know, and which has clear, simple lyrics.
Usually one song which is lip-synched (i.e. guests miming the words) and one which is background music to film footage. For longer videos, there will be additional background music.
For as long as it takes to capture the footage. For parties, this usually means we arrive an hour before the start and finish at midnight. For weddings we arrive in time for the ushers’ lunch and leave at midnight. But if we need to stay longer, we will, and there’s no extra charge.
We bring our small handheld cameras with lights attached. They work off their own batteries, so there are no messy wires or wobbly lights.
No, if a guest doesn’t want to be in it, then we don’t film them. We’re tactful and not over-pushy. In practice, most guests enjoy the process and love the result.
If the church gives permission, we’ll take a long shot of the bride and groom at the altar, and capture them coming down the aisle, but we don’t usually film the whole ceremony. Remember that our videos have a music soundtrack, so the audio of the bride and groom taking their vows won’t be on it.
Yes, we always film speeches and put them on a separate video, unedited.
We usually have the video ready within 2 or 3 days of the event, sometimes sooner.
Yes, and we will do our best to accommodate them. As every line of the song has to have a matching piece of footage, and each line has only been spoken by only one person, it’s difficult to take someone out and replace them with someone else!
Not normally, because so much of what we do is about being at the party/wedding and editing while the memories are fresh. It’s more difficult and takes longer to edit other people’s footage. Having said that we do <em>sometimes</em> take on projects in which family and friends send in iPhone clips or still images, for editing into a video. If this is the kind of thing you want, please contact us to discuss.
It depends on the event, but usually between 6 and 20 minutes for the main video, with speeches supplied as a second video. For longer events, the video may be up to 30 minutes.
We email you a link to the finished film on our website, and we post you a boxed USB stick with the film on it.
Yes, we can send you a special link which allows you to download it direct to your laptop.
Yes, we have public liability insurance.

Features on Jenks&Co

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Our features are about individuals. So while we’re interested in brands and products, we don’t run corporate puff-pieces. We prefer to focus on the people behind the brand or product, and hear about the hoops they jumped through to get where they’ve got to. The more personal their story, the better.
Yes, please email features@jenksandco.tv.
No, they’re editorial, not advertorial.
Yes. If you have a good article ready to go, or a brilliant idea you can deliver on, please get in touch.
Maybe. Tell us what the event is, when it’s happening and where, and we’ll tell you straight away.
We don’t have the budget to pay normal photography rates, but if you’re good and want to get your foot in the door, please contact us.

Home Movies

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It’s a way for people to collaborate on a video even if they’re hundreds or thousands of miles apart.

• The person who sets up the project is the Producer. They choose the song and create the guest list.

• They allocate lines from the song to each guest.

• They click a button to email each guest about the movie, to give them their lines, and to add any special suggestions e.g. what to wear, props, dance moves etc.

• The guests film themselves on their iPhones/smartphones/laptops, and upload their clips to the project.

• The Producer reviews the clips and clicks a button to ask Jenks&Co to edit them into a finished film or, if preferred, the Producer can download the clips and edit them personally.

• The finished film is hosted on Jenks&Co with a password for the Producer and guests to watch.
In theory, yes.

It’s best to choose a song which everyone knows and which has simple lyrics. On our site, we have added a catalogue of over 120 songs, with lyrics. If you choose one of these, the lyrics are already there so all you have to do is decide which guest gets which line. If you want a different song, you’ll need to contact us to tell us what it is, then we can very quickly add it to the catalogue.
There’s no limit but in practice the number of guests should not exceed the number of lines in the song. So if the song has 40 lines, no more than 40 guests. Of course, you’ll often be treating a family as one guest and asking them to sing a line together, so even with 40 ‘guests’, there might be 80 people involved.
After you’ve added your guests, the next step (if you’re doing a lip-sync video) is to choose a song and allocate lines to each guest. If you’re not doing a lip-sync, you can still suggest to each guest what they might do e.g. “John, why don’t you get Abby and Lara in the video and hold up a placard saying ‘Keep rockin, Grandpa!’”.

When you’ve allocated the lines / added suggestions, you press the INVITE button and our system sends an email to each guest explaining what the home movie is about, the part they’re playing in it, and what they need to do. You can have these emails sent in one batch or individually.
The default is that anyone you invite can see who else has been invited and can also see whether or not they have uploaded clips, but they cannot play the clips of other guests. They have to wait for the finished video.
Yes, that’s a good idea. You can add your deadline to the invitation email which gets sent to all guests. The email has standard text, but you can change it.
Any smartphone will do the job, and any file generated by iPhones/Samsung/Android will work. You can also film on your laptop if it has a camera.
If it’s a well-known song, they should have an idea of the tempo, but on our site we also provide YouTube links to the songs in our catalogue and when the invitations go out, those links are included. So guests can click on the link and listen to the song before doing their selfie.

Also, it doesn’t matter too much if the timing is out. When Daisy and Kitty edit the clips, they can adjust them to synchronise with the soundtrack.
After guests have uploaded their clips, you can play them and decide whether to have them edited by Jenks&Co or not. It's completely up to you.

If you want us to edit, click the 'Submit for Editing button on the Guests tab. That will trigger a purchase process and ask you to pay £150 for the edit by Paypal or card. When you've done that, we will start editing your clips.

If you don't want us to edit the clips, you will still be able to play them individually, just not together or with the song as the soundtrack.
You can do a lot of things completely free of charge :

- set the movie up as a project
- add guests
- choose a song
- allocate lines
- send the invitations
- receive the clips back
- review the clips

If after reviewing the clips, you decide not to ask Jenks&Co to edit them, there is no charge.

If you ask us to edit them, the current fee is £150 but if you use code 'MovieLaunch50' the price reduces 50% during our launch period. This is a new service so the price is bound to change from time to time according to demand.
If you want Jenks&Co to edit your clips, the system will quote you a price when you press the 'Submit for Editing' button, and you can then pay online using the PayPal system. If you do not have a PayPal account, it doesn't matter because on the PayPal system, you can pay securely with a debit or credit card.

Once you’ve paid, you’ll get a receipt from PayPal and if you want a receipt from Jenks&Co we can provide one.
It depends on the number of clips, but generally 1-2 days. If the finished video has to be ready for a particular date (e.g. the subject’s birthday), you should encourage your guests to get their clips in 10 days before that date so that Daisy and Kitty can schedule the editing in good time.
The video will have its own web page on Jenks&Co and the link to that page will be on your Dashboard. We’ll also allocate a password to the video and email it to you. It is then up to you who you give the web address and password to. Whoever has it can watch the video.

As a quick way for you to tell all your guests that the video is ready, we have created a button on your Dashboard called ‘Tell guests video is ready’. Press that, and an email will be sent to all of them with the web address and password in it.
Yes, there’s a download button on your Dashboard which allows you to do this.
You can change the song as long as you have not allocated lines to Guests. Either go to the 'Home' tab and click on the small blue text saying 'change song', or click on the Song tab and then click the green 'Choose' button of the song you want instead.

If you have already allocated lines from the old song to guests, you cannot change the song, so the thing to do is to set up a new movie, choose the song you want for it, and then copy over the Guests from the old movie to the new one. See the next Q&A on how to do that.
Yes, you can. Go to the Dashboard of the 'target' movie (the one you want to copy the guests TO), and click on the Settings tab. In there is a drop-down of your other movies. Choose the 'source' one, click 'Copy Guests' and its guests will be added to your target movie, joining any others which are already there. Obviously this only works if you have two or more movies.


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