Camp Bonas | Rewild the Mind

Camp Bonas is a week of imaginative and creative exploration. Deep in the English countryside, campers aged 8-13 learn to look after themselves through real-life adventure.

Campers take part in professionally delivered adventure training, creative workshops and all sorts of team-based activities that have been inspired by our favourite children’s adventure stories.

Camp is also completely screen-free, allowing children to rewild their minds whilst they learn through new, hands-on experiences.


Create: We have themed our camps on our favourite children’s adventure books. Immersed in the worlds of these books the children will learn through new outdoor experiences then express their observations in drawing, verse, prose and song.

Rewild: A screen-free camp we are taking children out of the city, away from their smartphones and iPads, and putting them into the heart of the English countryside where they can rewild their minds. 

Play: We know that outdoor play can be as educational and constructive for a child’s development as classroom-based activities. Camp Bonas is a time for Bonas MacFarlane students to get back to nature and learn whilst having fun.

Develop: Our camps give children that much needed 'away from home experience’ that will allow them to develop confidence, resilience and independence. The residential aspect of life at camp will give them a fantastic experience to discuss at school interviews.

Lead: With a strong focus on leadership, each camper will be given responsibilities and the opportunity to lead.

Dates & Prices 2020

UK campers

5-day camp - £890 pw
2 children - £1600 pw
3 children - £2100 pw


6 -10 July
13-17 July
20-24 July
27-31 July

International campers

2-week Camp | 13-24 July | Price available on request

Return transport from London: £50 per person


The summer camp programme has been designed by Bonas MacFarlane educationalists and camp leaders, who have over 25 years’ experience running residential camps and preparing thousands of children for the leading schools in the UK, US and Switzerland.

Director of Camps 
T: +44 (0) 20 7223 2794
M: +44 (0) 792 978 2727