How our Ads work

There are 2 ways to reach Jenks&Co's audience:

  1. Display Ads
  2. Bulletin Ads

Display Ads

It just means an ad which appears on our website. Each ad has 2 versions:

  • The Box version is a small ad with just one image and a short piece of text.
    It pops up on various pages of the site and encourages people to link to the Full version.
  • The Full version has all the text and images you supplied and its own page on Jenks&Co.

Box ads are shown on the Home Page, the Features Listing Page and the Event Listing Page

The ad slots on these pages are filled randomly from the pool of live ads.

The Box ad also appears on the Ad Listing Page for as long as it is a live ad, then it's removed from that page and the pool of live ads.

The Full ad has its own webpage. People link to it when they click on your Box ad.

Firstly, register as a user and log in, then go the 'Create Ad' drop-down from 'ADS' in the main menu.

Follow the 'Create Ad' process. Write the text that you want to appear, upload images for your ad, decide how you want people to reply (online form, phone, email), choose the duration of the ad, and click 'Submit'.

We'll check your ad then send you an email containing a link to a page where you can preview both the Box ad and the Full ad. There will be a button on the page to Pay with PayPal when you are ready.

The current cost of a one-month ad is £99. Each extra month is £25. So:

  • 1 month: £99
  • 2 months: £124
  • 3 months: £149
  • 4 months: £174
  • 5 months: £199
  • 6 months: £224

These prices include VAT.

The email we send you links to a page with a button to 'Pay with PayPal'. Click on the button to pay using PayPal (you don't have to have an account to use PayPal; you can pay with a card on its site).

If you prefer to pay by BACS, email and we will send you the information you need.

Your ad will go live as soon as you've paid unless you have set the start date in the future in which case it will go live when that date is reached.

It will stay on Jenks&Co for the duration you selected (1 to 6 months) when you created the ad. If you want it removed sooner, log in, go to 'ME', drop to 'My Ads', and click the 'Remove' button.

Yes, you can see how many times the Box and Full ad page has been loaded by going to 'My Ads' where the latest stats are reported.

Every ad has a 'reply' form built in. If people use that form to reply to you, their replies will be emailed to you.

Their replies will also be stored on your 'My Ads' page so you can see them at any time. Go to the page by logging in, clicking 'Me' in the main menu, and dropping to 'My Ads'.

When you create the ad, you can also choose to allow replies by phone or email, and you can insert your web address, so people don't have to reply using the online form; they can use these other methods instead.

Yes, we will email you a VAT receipt after your ad has been booked and paid for.

Bulletin Ads

A Bulletin is the email which we send to the clients who have asked to receive it. We send between 1 and 3 per month.

Each Bulletin contains one or more articles on subjects of interest to our clients. The articles are usually focused on individuals who have achieved something in business, fashion, culture, the arts or some other sphere.

The number changes all the time, as the list grows. Currently it is just over 4,000. They are people who Daisy and Kitty have filmed a party/wedding file for, or who have asked about their videos, or who are friends. As a general guide:

  • they are interested in business, property, fashion, interiors, travel and style
  • many are in the 22-35 range, but the generations above that are also well represented
  • there are more women than men, but the skew is not extreme (approx 55:45)
  • there is a London bias, but many are weekend country types too

Because of the way we put Bulletins together, the width of your ad should not be more than 750px and ideally should be close to that figure. The height should not be more than 1,200px.

The file type needs to be JPG, JPEG or PNG.

If you contact us to say you're interested in a Bulletin ad we'll be happy to tell you what features we have coming up and to try and fit your ad in with the one that is complementary.

Normally it would link to your website. If you buy a Display ad (see above) at the same time as you buy a Bulletin ad, your Bulletin ad can of course link to the Full page advert on Jenks&Co.

£350 including VAT.

If you buy a Bulletin ad you can also get a Display ad for 3 months at a reduced rate. Contact us to discuss further.

Email Philip on

If this summary does not answer your questions, please Contact us.