What makes our cards special is that you can add text, audio, photos and video clips to them, then email the combined 'card + extras' to as many people as you like via our system. When they open the card, your items play as a slideshow. Here's how it works:

Step 1 - pick a card

Romantic and flirty cards

Cards for friends and family

Occasion and event cards

Step 2 - Add items to the slideshow

Add audio clips, photos, text and videos

as few or as many as you want

you control the order they appear in

you can add captions

you can add a music soundtrack

Step 3 - Decide who to send the card to

One person or lots - it's up to you

Step 4 - Pay and send

Your first card, with up to 10 items added, sent to up to 30 people, is completely free. Try it now

After that, the price depends on how many items you add and how many people you send to, but starts at £1. More info.