Bella Seel has been skiing from the age of 4 and has spent over 10 years working in the Alps as an off-piste ski instructor.<br /> <br /> In 2013, she launched ALS which offers bespoke ski experiences in top Alpine resorts and provides access to some of the most exquisite private chalets.<br /> <br /> <br /> Every year, Bella takes part in the Ski Test in Austria where she tests over 100 pairs of skis. Jenks&Co asked her what she recommends for 2020.
Patrick Scott, published 4th December 2019
published 4th December 2019
Actor, screenwriter, playwright and librettist Kit Hesketh-Harvey treads the boards at Guildford every year and always manages to be delightfully rude about Woking.
Lucy du Cann, published 4th December 2019
Like all the best satirists, Oliver Preston sends up what he knows best – the leisured classes at work and play. Shooting, racing, skiing, playing bridge, romantic pursuits, and the mixed pleasures of living in large country houses are all fodder for his gentle wit. We caught up with him at his Gloucestershire farm.
Philip Jenks, published 4th December 2019
Four years ago, London College of Fashion graduates Henrietta Rix and Orlagh McCloskey spotted a gap in the market for affordable, vintage-inspired dresses which would flatter all ages. They launched their business on a shoestring, did everything themselves, and through a mixture of flair, skill and determination, have turned RIXO into one of the most talked-about contemporary brands.
Clemmie Ziegler, published 4th December 2019
James Sunley is President of the St Moritz Tobogganing Club, a.k.a. the Cresta Run. He has been throwing himself down its icy track for 40 years and plans to do so for another 30.
Will Sackville, published 4th December 2019
Georgia uses energy healing to treat clients with physical and emotional issues. By fine-tuning their chakras, she helps them overcome aches and pains, depression, insomnia and illness. We talked to Georgia at her Chelsea studio to ask how she became aware of her gift for healing, and what working in complementary medicine means to her.
Daisy and Kitty, published 5th November 2019
Liv Sharron is passionate about cold-water swimming. She started 'Chilly Dippers' so that other students at Edinburgh University could discover what she'd discovered – that 'freezing your tits off' is brilliant for mental health. With chilly dips now happening all over the country, her idea is on a roll.
Clemmie Ziegler, published 5th November 2019
Michael Lakin puts on the best pyrotechnic displays in the world. He set up Starlight Design when still a student at Cambridge, and turned it into the pre-eminent engineer of firework extravaganzas. After 40 years making things go bang, what still lights Michael's candle?
Lucy du Cann, published 5th November 2019
Ex-army officer Rufus knew that pre-nursery education could be done better, and in 2017 set out to prove it with TARKA. Focusing on fun exercise, TARKA classes are all about stimulating a child's imagination. Notting Hill went mad for it, and other classes for other age groups were soon added.  Two years on, TARKA looks unstoppable.
Will Sackville, published 5th November 2019
When Chris Sheldrick used to organise live music events, he got really cheesed off with people getting lost: suppliers turning up at the wrong gate, bands arriving late at the venue, festival-goers struggling to meet. So he set up what3words - a location app that divides the world into 3-metre squares and gives every square a 3-word 'address'. It is pure genius and set to conquer the world.
Patrick Scott, published 5th November 2019
Billions of plastic tampon applicators are thrown away every year. Celia Pool and Alec Mills thought surely someone must make a re-usable one. Nope. So they decided to.
Clemmie Ziegler, published 1st October 2019
If there's a cooler job in the world than taming wild horses, we can't think of it. Charlie Agar – laidback, soulful, basically a bit of a dude – was made for it. We reckon he hypnotises them.
Will Sackville, published 1st October 2019
Jamie Wild uses nothing but a welding torch, a hammer and his imagination to create sculptures out of scrap metal. His first exhibition runs from 11-22nd October at the Arboretum Club in Charing Cross Road. Read our interview and find out how you can get tickets to the show.
Will Sackville, published 1st October 2019
Best party of the Summer? High on everyone's list is Monty Pearson’s Burning Man in West Sussex, celebrating his 22nd. Photos by Savannah McMillan, Emmelina Stork and Kitty Alexander.
Kitty Alexander, published 1st October 2019
Emma and Archie Dennis have just launched NEST – luxury weekend glamping – in the beuatiful surroundings of Stamford, Lincolnshire. They've spared no expense on comfort or style to create a haven just a few hours from London. Read more.
Lucy du Cann, published 1st October 2019
Phoebe burst on to the scene in 2013 when she appeared on the National Portrait Gallery's 'Portrait Artist of the Year' television programme. Since then she has established herself as the favourite choice of families who want to capture a balance of formality and informality in pictures of great depth and charm. see more of her work.
Clemmie Ziegler, published 1st October 2019
Santa Montefiore's The Secret Hours – her 20th novel – is out soon in paperback. We asked this captivating writer how she comes up with her stories, what her writing routine is, and how she juggles being a novelist with normal life.
Patrick Scott, published 1st October 2019
Brora is that rare phenomenon – a successful British fashion brand which is traditional but also innovative, is adored by its customers, and has stayed independent. How did Victoria do it?
Clemmie Ziegler, published 1st October 2019